Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Most people will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. But when a semi-truck is involved, the result is almost always devastating. In the aftermath of such a collision, among the finest decisions you may make is to enlist the help of an experienced trucking accident attorney.

We want to help you avoid the mistake of speaking to an inexperienced attorney. With over 95% of our cases dedicated to accidents involving large trucks and commercial vehicles, the attorneys at Fried Goldberg are ready to help you in this difficult time. Getting the right legal team by your side can make all the difference for you and your family.

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Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney
Semi-trucks can weigh up to 40 tons and can cause serious destruction on our roads.

While some car accident cases can be resolved with no need for legal representation, accidents involving commercial vehicles are usually complex. These cases need a lot of knowledge to navigate the legal system. A skilled legal professional will determine the best course of action, from conducting investigations to recruiting experts and presenting evidence in your stead.
When deciding whether to hire a truck accident attorney, your attorney’s experience in the region matters a whole lot. Many trucking companies have teams of legal professionals to safeguard themselves from paying high prices for his or her negligence. Just as you would not see a dentist for a brain injury, you must not entrust your livelihood or that of your loved ones to just any lawyer, but one that understands and knows how to safeguard your needs.

While any type of car accident can be destructive, truck accidents tend to be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. The sheer size of the truck when it collides with a car is enough to cause substantial damage, which is worsened when speeds learn to climb. Unfortunately, accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are often extremely devastating, if not fatal. While you’re more likely to face many financial burdens following a truck accident, purchasing a personal injury attorney is recommended. Should you or a loved one have been around in a wreck, consider a few of the following reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer.

1. Clearly Establish Liability
In car crashes, the cause is often one of both or more parties involved. Truck accidents are a bit more complicated than this. The fault of the accident can travel through a chain of folks, companies, and even manufacturers. A faulty part, overworked employees, or even poor mechanics could be responsible for the accident. Some of the parties which can be held liable for a truck accident include the following:

Truck driver
Owner of the truck
Truck driver’s employer
Cargo loading company
Freight company
Manufacturer of a faulty part
Mechanic or repair shop
Having a attorney on your side means that they’ll accumulate evidence to determine the suitable liability. There may be one part of this supply chain or multiple parties that are liable. Regardless, a skilled truck accident legal professional can help you hold all responsible parties accountable.

2. Negotiate with Multiple Partners
Once liability has been established, you’ll need to negotiate with all of the responsible parties. This can get complex, particularly if there are several parties at fault. A truck accident lawyer can help you state demands and negotiate a settlement with each individual party, thus maximizing your compensation. If you’ve been injured in the accident, your legal professional will also become your representative to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of while incapacitated. This will help you get the most out of your accident which means you can properly maintain yourself in today’s and the longer term.

3. Utilize the Correct Legal Strategy
Even if you’re physically able to attend meetings and represent yourself, doing this is more difficult than you’d expect. The complex liability and multiple parties involved make the legal strategy more challenging than in simple traffic court. Since most insurance providers will do anything possible to keep their money in their pockets, you want an experienced legal professional on your side to navigate this environment and leverage the dynamics. Even the simple act of having an attorney present in the courtroom can increase your chances of maximizing your compensation. When you have a truck accident legal professional ready with substantial evidence and experience with these types of wrecks, you’ll be even more prepared. When the time comes for litigation, you can relax and relax knowing that you’re being taken care of.

4. Protect Your Rights
After an accident, emotions are heightened, and a lot of words are exchanged. Unfortunately, saying the wrong thing can conclude costing individuals thousands in compensation. In reality, some adjustors are well versed in trying to get the victim to say the wrong thing on purpose, just to reduce the reimbursement or throw the case out completely. When you hire a truck accident lawyer, you’ll eliminate this stress and reap the benefits associated with having someone fighting for your rights. If anyone calls you to discuss the accident or ask questions, you can defer those to your legal professional and stop worrying about how to strategically formulate your sentences.

5. Receive Appropriate Compensation
Attorneys who specialize in truck accidents and wrecks understand every one of the various trucking injury regulations that are in place. Some of these include the requirement for monitored driving, enforcing rest stops and generating time limits, inspecting vehicles and associated parts, and undergoing the proper repairs and maintenance. When these laws or regulations are broken, accidents happen. Whatever the severity of injury or physical harm to your car, an attorney will help you receive appropriate compensation. Without representation, large companies will endeavour to take good thing about victims and pay them as little as possible. Their comprehensive legal teams and deep pockets often cause unrepresented victims acquiring the minimal reimbursement for damage. A skilled personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get what you deserve after such a devastating experience.

6. Recover Non-Economic Damages
Some insurance companies make an effort to offer victims of truck accidents a sizable settlement in advance. The appeal of this settlement is the fact that it will cover medical costs linked to the accident. Don’t sign any contract to accept this. Damages tend to be far more costly than what’s offered in a settlement, even if your medical bills are hundreds of thousands. While you work with a truck accident attorney, you might also be able to receive compensation for income lost due to the inability to work, future lost income, long term disability benefits, and more. Non-economic damages range from an amount for pain and suffering experienced, any emotional distress from the accident, and, in incidents with a fatality, lack of companionship. Truck accidents can drastically change a victim’s life, so don’t accept less than you deserve.